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How Important Is The Planet To You?

With the way earth is being abused, and with the current economy, RIGHT NOW is the best time to get ahead of the crowd and produce your own electricity along with a new efficient style of living.

Have you seen the solar and wind power systems that you can now buy for a few thousand dollars?

Forget that! Today, YOU are going to learn how to build your OWN high quality professional free power system for less than a few hundred dollars instead! Efficient Planet is your only complete step by step manual that is a full color, fully illustrated DIY series, and includes every single step to creating natural renewable energy solutions from your very own home!

So? Have you challenged the system before? Do You have a solar power or wind system already installed? Are you practicing a daily routine to save yourself thousands each year and get free energy, lower the costs of all your home bills, credit card bills, etc?

Chances are that you think that installing one of these solar systems is quite expensive, and a hassle right? Converting your life to live a more efficient day each day takes too much work right?


FACT: Believe it or not, you can have YOUR VERY OWN independent, safe and energy producing solar system for less than $200!

It's amazing how much of a rip off this 'energy' crisis really is, so after a dedicated period of research - we've compiled the Efficient Planet series and made them available to YOU, and everyone else so you can see first hand how easy this is and how much money you're about to save/make...

We've noticed other manuals on the market so we decided to try them too - and found most to be quite difficult to follow. In some cases we found that the instructions were even setup wrong and could have been a dangerous system... . .. You will love the fact that we've made the efficient planet series a VERY easy to understand and follow set of professional DIY manuals.

Planet earth has never needed us more than it needs us right NOW! It's about time we stopped helping big corporations get rich, and time to help bring the planet back to US, the people.

Let's Take A Closer Look At The DIY Series

Build And Install Your Own Solar Power System From Home Today !

* Easy Fully Illustrated Step By Steps

* 100% Safe and tested plans

* How to build different solar panels

* Potential to save thousands yearly

* Increase the value of your home

* How to build your own generator

* Become a leader in your neighborhood

* Help Save Our Planet Today!

The Efficient Planet Solar Conversion Manual is going to take you through the process of building your own home based solar panels with ease. What's best is you'll be able to accomplish this with less than a few hundred bucks and a few afternoons.

This panel will be able to power all your appliances including your kitchen (fridge, stove, dishwasher etc), laundry room facilities, home entertainment centers and anything else that plugs into your wall!

Our fully illustrated manual is going to make the process as simple as it gets!

No hard to read steps and no need for special tools. Once you are fully complete, you'll start to see your electricity meter run BACKWARDS on your home! You'll even be able to fully get yourself - OFF - the - grid!

Build Your Own Wind System

* Build your own wind turbine

* See what wind energy can do for YOU

* Easy to read and follow instructions

* Fully illustrated to make it easier

* Save yourself thousands each year~!

* Never worry about your power going out

* Enjoy the RAISE in value of your home.

Wind power is another amazing form of free energy. Although we are on pace to using these solutions on a mass scale more and more, our society will still continue to be monetized for all its worth until people wake up from the scam and do something about it - well today, I want YOU to do something about it! And the Wind Power module of our package is going to enable you to do just that.

Sounds crazy right? Building a wind system. But what if I told you that you can build one for under a hundred bucks and it would end up saving you thousands over time? Our manual is going to show you EXACTLY how to build your own wind system without busting a sweat or your bank.

Just like our solar panel systems, you will be able to use the wind energy solution to power just about any appliance or electronic that requires power.

Your windmill is not going to look like a grade 5 science project either - the parts are easy to get and professional in nature and design, you'll probably make your neighbors jealous ;)

Efficient Living Bible.

This compilation of useful techniques and strategies goes over 50 little known ways to go about your day to day living at minimal cost.

We'll teach you how to free yourself from the random and conditioned daily expenditures, and how to start making a change for the better.

Heck we're going to throw in a section on how to start your own home business and even make IT efficient and automated for you.

We'll show you how to maximize your time and convert at least 12 things in your life to be more efficient - from driving to dressing to dancing or working out to eating, playing, furnishing, shopping and a whole lot more.

This module alone is worth the price of this whole kit and is the perfect compliment to our DIY manuals. It will motivate you to become a better person day to day, it will walk you through a few truths of our planet and its people, but most importantly it will teach you to shape and sharpen your tomorrow, save your money, skyrocket your time management, end the guinea pig and rat race cycle, and open up opportunities in your life to make the most of it - efficiently!

How Much Will I Save Make?

Your Savings Potential? THOUSANDS!!

I know that was a lot to absorb... but you're probably asking - Ok, so how much can this really save me throughout the year??

For starters, the first module alone (Solar conversions) is going to enable you to save hundreds if not thousands depending on the size of your home and your solar kit. These kits usually go for $3,000-$12,000.

The wind power module combined with the efficiency bible series is also going to save you thousands - each year - literally! It's not just about building one kit and stopping there my friend - you've been conditioned to think that a quick band-aid fix is all it takes - or perhaps other sites are showing you similar offers and over promising on what you'll be really getting.

Mind you I'd like to point out that if you're a home owner and you install this kit - you instantly raise the value of your home as well, just another perk to the process!

What Will Efficient Planet Do For You?

- Every electricity bill you receive in the future will be much lower, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long-term

- The system will pay for itself within a month or two

- You can receive energy credits from your electricity company

- The savings you make can go towards a family holiday or into planning for the future

- You will be doing your part to avoid an energy crisis in the future

What's included in the E.P. DIY Series?

- Step by step fully illustrated plans to building your own cost effective solar panels.

- Step by step 'Do It Yourself' guide to building your own professional low cost wind turbine.

- Important information on what to do before starting. This will help you design and build a future-proof system for your home.

- Important maintenance information to help ensure your system is efficient as possible and lasts for several years.

- At least 50 tips on living more efficiently by doing simple things to improve the efficiency of your home and lifestyle.

- Includes several tips on buying an efficient renewable energy system if you prefer to buy one rather than build it.

- Includes tips on how to become more efficient at work and home to make more time for you and your family to enjoy.

It's also worth noting that this kit is....

- EASY to put together.

- 100% SAFE

- 100% LEGAL anywhere in the world

- The 'Powers That Be' probably want to keep this from you

- It's the only series of its kind that combines so much in one kit!

- It's no WONDER to see why THOUSANDS of people are following our gameplan - IT WORKS!

It's not impossible for a stranger to want to help another person(s) - even in the online world right? So we thought 'what else could we do for our valued clients that would really help compliment this new efficient way of life and solar/wind/renewable energy kit'. Well we came up with THE PERFECT complimentary gift for you today, so if you thought the above power series wasn't enough.

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